Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still going!

OK so it is Valentines Day and a good time to check on progress. This morning I did my first 5 mile run. Now I realize that in comparison to the 26 (maybe if I ignore the .2 it will go away) miles that a marathon requires, 5 is not many. But baby steps. I am finding that running here in our housing development allows for a lot of distractions. For example, neighbors who stop me and ask me to babysit, stray cats attacking young children, a friend's dog escaping and trying to forcefully make me her valentine.

All in all I am proud of myself that I haven't quit and that is an accomplishment. I am learning some important life lessons on these runs. First of all I am learning how to effectively argue with myself. I was already good at arguing with others so perhaps this is the next natural step. Convincing myself to keep moving sounds something like this "Yes it is hot out here, but if I can make it up the next hill, then I can walk for a little bit. Well now I am up the hill and it would be stupid to waste the downhill walking!" Think what you will of my intelligence but the fact that I can easily fool myself into continuing is what keeps me out there.

The other important lessons I have learned are that toenails are extremely over rated and music is extremely underrated. So until next time, Tom Petty and I will be out there hoping that the dream doesn't get too far ahead of us.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

I don't really believe in New Years resolutions. I think that if something is worth doing you shouldn't wait until January to get started on it. I do however believe in setting goals for myself, and what better time to evaluate and set new goals than in the New Year. Let's not argue too much about how the two things are so similar...they are different to me!

Anyway, I have a few goals for 2009. First is to GRADUATE!!!!!! I am so ready to finish this degree! As of right now I will be taking a break from school in March to go to Julia's wedding, but other than that...NO BREAKS!
My second goal is to (are you ready for this?) run a marathon. Yes you read correctly a full 26.3 miles! This is not a goal to get into shape (too much like a resolution) because I already workout pretty regularly and enjoy running. I am setting this goal as a means to challenge myself and any fitness and endurance gained along the way is icing on the cake (which I won't be eating much of since I am training to run a marathon!) It is something I have secretly wanted to do for a long time and figure if I don't set a specific goal for it, it will never happen.

So this is me proclaiming out loud (in print) that I will accomplish these things in 2009. Wish me luck and stamina!

Monday, November 10, 2008

nothing lasts forever

It looks as though I will be stranded a year less than expected. My hubby has gotten word that we should be moving from PR this coming summer instead of in 2010. Of course with the military I won't really believe it until we are on a plane...but still. I thought I would be excited to get this news and be a year closer to what I know as normal, but I am actually a bit sad too. I am not sure that I am ready to go. There are still a lot of things we haven't done here yet (like learn Spanish!). But now we get to experience the excitement of moving again and waiting to find out where they will send us next. We are considering Myrtle Beach, San Diego and Portland, any comments on any of these places welcome!!!! Probably Myrtle beach so as to be closer to family again. Even though I am a bit sad to leave early I am very excited at the prospect of living near a yarn shop again!!!!!!!

Now about my current knitting:
So I am actually working on a bunch of gift items at once right now but won't post any pictures until after they are given since my family actually looks at this sometimes ( nice try though!). In October I made a whole bunch of little soap pals as baby shower and kid gifts. The turtles came out really well and then I modified the pattern to make a spider for my nephew. Very cute easy gifts that are impressive as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am back!

I have been MIA for the summer but I am back. I haven't had much time to knit and the only thing I finished over the summer was that neverending baby blanket for my niece. She loves it by the way...she can't talk or anything but I can tell! I will be adding a picture soon. I am very excited to be able to start other projects and can't decide what to do first. I have a long list of gift items I want to make but most of them will require makeing a yarn purchase online. Why doesn't my husband understand that just because there is yarn in my stash doesn't mean I don't need more? Does anyone else have this problem? I hope I am not alone here!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My birthday is coming!

So here is the pathetic progress I have made on the baby blanket for my sister. I haven't had time to work on it since my last post but am feeling much more motivated. I plan to work on it today and post more when I get further. I really love the yarn I am using for it. I chose to use Lion brand microspun. It does split a little if you aren't paying attention but it is super soft and washable (very important for baby items!). The pattern recommends a different yarn that I am sure is very nice but it isn't washable. That just doesn't make for a practical baby gift. What new mom has time for handwashing a blanket everytime it get puked or pooped on!? It would either never get used, or be ruined very quickly.

My birthday is coming up and my wonderful husband is planning a trip to La Paguera. We will either go diving or kayaking. Can't wait! Anybody who is near that area of the island must eat at El Manglar! The best food and atmosphere without the crowded touristy feel of San Juan! My second favorite place - Calypso in Rincon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

trying to get motivated...but getting distracted instead

Ok, so I am trying to get motivated to work on a baby blanket for my sister. It is the "Big Bad Baby Blanket from the first Stitch n' Bitch book. I am kind of an ADD knitter and get bored easily so I have never made anything quite so monotonous before. I prefer to make things that have more complicated instructions so that they keep my interest, but I really like the look of this blanket when it is finished. Am I the only one who has this problem? Anyway, I have been distracting myself from the blanket by searching for things to make as Christmas gifts this year (another thing I need to get working on!). I find myself with a long list of things to do and not enough time to work on them all. And the one thing that has the biggest time restraint (the blanket) I can't get motivated on! My dearest friend, Julia, made a beautiful blanket for my son when I was pregnant and told me that she made almost the entire thing while in the car on a road trip. I suppose I could tell my husband to start driving laps around the island while I work on this one, or just go get myself stuck in San Juan rush hour traffic. I will post pictures of my pathetic progress soon. Also getting to work on posting pictures of some finished projects... much more exciting.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

getting started

Ok, so I have avoided it for a while but am giving into my urges and starting a blog. This will be my attempt to connect with other knitters (and other people in general!) and expand my craft and grow as a person blah blah blah... Basically I just want a place to show off what I actually finish and seek help when having issues (this happens a lot!).

My husband is in the Coast Guard and we are living in Puerto Rico so my knitting friends are far far away. I have learned one very valuable lesson since moving here. People who live in an endless summer don't knit much. I have been unsuccesful in finding a lys. In fact, the only place I have found that sells yarn here is Walmart...can you say itchy acrylic crap?!? Alas I am a stranded knitter living out of my element and forced to buy all my yarn online. If anyone happens to know of a great lys in Puerto Rico please advise (and tell that store to start advertising dang it!) Online shopping is fine and can be fun, but I miss the ability to go to the store and touch before I buy.